How to Upgrade 12v Ride on To 24v? An Expert Explains 2022

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The fun of a Ride-On is in maximizing its functions, especially in the power section, thus increasing the speed. You cannot do that with a lower toy car grade. You have to do a few upgrades on the Ride-On, and the most important upgrade would be the battery voltage from 12v to 24v.

So, how to upgrade 12V ride on to 24?

You can upgrade 12v Ride On to 24v for a better performance of the toy car. Connecting two 12v Ride On batteries or getting a 24v Ride On battery can do the trick.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Read this article to learn more on how to upgrade a 12v Ride On to a 24v. We’ve also listed why you need the upgrade and the cost of getting it, not leaving out the benefits of the upgrade.

Can You Upgrade 12v Ride On to 24v?

Although many people are not aware, upgrading a 12v Ride On to 24v is possible, and it doesn’t damage the toy afterward. It is safe, and it lasts for its duties. Many people will go ahead to buy a 24v Ride On toy car for their children when the 12v one is not working as they expect.

Can You Upgrade 12v Ride On to 24v

It is not a bad idea to replace the 12v Ride On with a 24v Ride-On. But it is a waste of money when you can just upgrade a 12v Ride On with 24V components (motor and controller).

If you do this upgrade properly, the vehicle won’t have any fault, and the upgrade will last. But, the other way round, the upgrade might turn out to be a disaster and a regrettable act.

Problem Associated with Upgrading 12v Ride on To 24v

You have to be willing to take risks before you upgrade your Ride-On from 12v to 24v. The upgrade is a good thing, but some problems might occur if you don’t carry it out properly. Such problems are:

Power problem

If you have a motor that consumes much power, when you upgrade with the slightest mistake, you will have a power problem. This is when the power of the Ride On starts fluctuating, as it trips off and on or if getting drained fast. For this upgrade, make sure the car engine is suitable for the 24v battery before the upgrade to avoid this problem.

Functional problem

If you did a bad upgrading job, the toy car might just stop functioning after a while. This could be because the battery is dead or the child has overloaded the motor. Normally, this would not happen, even after an overload, but the wrong upgrade means makes the car vulnerable.

Upgrading just the battery can be another cause of this problem. So it is safer to upgrade other important parts of the Ride On toy car to suit the battery. You can just hand over the upgrade to a professional to handle it.

Why Should You Upgrade Your 12v Ride on To 24v?

There are several reasons you should upgrade your 12v Ride On to 24v. But, the most important one is the vehicle capacity. The 24v battery has more power than the 12v battery, and this improves the capacity of the toy cars.

The toy car will then move faster, and other functions of the car will get enhanced, making it a better car. Your children will enjoy this upgrade if they can handle it. The upgrade needs close monitoring for it to last as long as you expect.

How To Upgrade 12v Ride-on To 24v

Instead of buying a 24v Ride On toy car, upgrade 12v Ride On to 24v by yourself. If you cannot do it yourself after our guidelines, we advise you to take the Ride On to a professional, He/she will do a better job.

How to Upgrade 12v Ride on To 24v

Connecting Two 12v Batteries

Adding two 12 will give you 24; you can use simple mathematics for this. However, it is a good, economical way of upgrading from a 12v to 24v Ride-On. Also, it will be less weighty, unlike the whole 24v battery. Carefully follow the guidelines to carry out this process neatly and with ease.

Two 12v Batteries

  • Get the positive and negative terminal wires from two 12v Ride On batteries.
  • Get a multimeter to test the voltage of the two batteries.
  • Turn off the car and carefully remove the old battery from it.
  • Connect the black or blue wire from the neutral terminal of the first battery to the neutral terminal of the second battery.
  • Next, connect the red wire from the Life terminal of the first battery to the live terminal on the second battery.
  • Here, you have to test the voltage with a multimeter to make sure it is up to 24v.
  • When you have done this, connect the batteries to the Ride On toy car and turn the car on.

Fix a New 24v Battery

24v batteries are usually heavier than the 12v, and that could be a bit heavier because the car was created for the 12v. But, if you install it properly, you won’t have any problem with weight or size. A 24v battery is better as it increases the capacity of the car.

If your children want to go up a hill, this will work better for them and make it easier to drive up. Putting a 24v battery might be difficult to an extent, so we advise you to take your time and install the battery carefully.

  • Get the 24v battery. Make sure it is a quality battery before you buy it, as the quality of the battery can determine the lasting the Ride On toy car will be. Now you need to take off the old 12v battery so there is space for the new 24v battery. It is easy to remove the 12v battery because it fits just right in the space they make for it. Locate the position of the battery and open it. It is mostly locked with screws, so get a screwdriver and unlock it, then turn the battery off.
  • You need to install the 24v battery. The problem with this step is that, for some 12v vehicles, the battery space is just for a 12v battery and a 24v battery is bigger. For such vehicles, take the 24v battery apart carefully. Then, use an alligator clip wire from the battery and connect it to the power input terminal.
  • Next, place the battery in a position where it won’t fall off.

Buying a New 24v Ride-On

Buying a new 24v Ride-On stands as the simplest upgrade method for parents who want to upgrade their children’s 12v Ride-On. Instead of going through the many stress of changing the battery, going to the shop for a new one is better and easier.

The parts of a 12v Ride-On get created to work with a 12v battery, and anything more than it might be good, but it will overwork the parts.

Also, the components of the 24v Ride-On match the 24v battery, which means anything less will have a negative impact. The 12v Ride-On will still function if you change the battery to 24v, but its lifespan will reduce greatly. Hence, the importance of getting a new 24v Ride-On and giving out the 12v.

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade a 12v Ride on To 24v?

Except you are taking the Ride On toy car to a professional to do the upgrade for you, upgrading doesn’t cost anything. However, buying the battery cost from $100 to $2000. In addition, a professional will send you a bill of any amount he is comfortable with to upgrade your 12v Ride On to 24v, and you don’t have a choice but to pay, except you want to do it yourself.

Doing it yourself might be too risky, but it is better for cost reduction, since the battery itself is already expensive. So, the cost of upgrading your 12v Ride On toy car to 24v is the cost of the battery, which is about $100 to $1000. The good news is that you can choose a pocket-friendly battery to avoid excessive expenses. But, the expensive 24v battery is usually better, or you can buy a 24-volt battery-powered ride-on toy.

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading Your 12 Volts Ride-on To 24 Volts?

  • 24v Ride On toys is more efficient than lower voltage cars. 24v batteries supply power accurately to parts of the vehicle and still manage to run the car. This capability is what lesser voltage batteries don’t have.
  • Going up the hills is easier with a 24v car. With a 24v car, you can ride up a hilly area without stopping or going too slow. The battery in this Ride On toy is the main strength, and the engine does a great job.
  • A 24v car will do great if you want your car to last long. The 24v battery lasts long before it needs another charge. This means longer playing ours for your children. In addition, you need to charge the battery fully before using it to keep the battery life.
  • A 24v Ride On toy car runs faster than the 12v Ride-On. The 12v Ride On runs at 4mph, and the 24v runs at 6 to 8mph, a big distance in the racing world. Your child will win more races with an upgrade.
  • You can make the 24v battery smaller, and it still doesn’t lose its voltage, but we cannot say the same for the 12v battery. A 12v battery will probably lose much of its voltage or even get damaged in an attempt to make it smaller.
  • A 24v Ride On toy car can pull heavy loads more than the 12v Ride-On. The upgrade just makes an enhanced Ride On toy car for your children to enjoy.
  • 24v batteries are more durable than 12v batteries, which makes them better. Also, this trait can help you save money because you don’t have to buy batteries regularly.

Bottom line

To upgrade 12v Ride On to 24v is better than buying a new 24v Ride-On. It is more cost-effective just to buy the battery and replace it than to buy a full Ride On toy vehicle. There are many more benefits, but you will mess the car up if you don’t do the fixing right.

You can buy two 12v batteries and put them together to make a 24v battery and install them. This style is risky, as they could be partial contact that can spoil everything if you don’t make a proper connection. Also, you can get a 24v battery and install it in the 12v Ride On, which is safer.

Mark start research and blogging about five years ago beside his successful business about RC cars, ride-on toys, power wheels, etc. Although he is a full-time businessman, he has a passion for research and blogging about the things he is good at. The “Toyscout24” is the result of that. He creates this site to assist people looking for RC cars and ride-on toys who don’t have proper knowledge about these toys.

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