Power Wheels Problems and Their Solutions by Experts in 2022

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Power wheels are battery-powered ride-on toy cars, trucks, and ATVs designed for kids. They are built with downsized realistic features like forward and reverse motion, Radio FM, etc., making them look as good as the original.

However, as much as that sounds amusing, if you’re getting a big toy of this kind, Power wheels problems will also come at the expense of your time. 

Some common problems the power wheel can develop include, dead batteries, faulty motor, breakdown due to exposure to water, and so on.

We’re putting these problems into consideration in this article that outlines the solutions to the common issues you might face down the line.

You will also discover some tips to maintain the power wheel for more efficiency and prolonged lifespan. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Power Wheels?

Every battery-powered machine has a life span. The average battery life is 1 to 3 years, but it should work for 4 to 5 years, at most 6 years, with good maintenance and proper storing practices.

It varies with how long you used the battery and how you follow the guideline on charging and taking care of the battery.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Power Wheels

The life expectancy of power wheels is 1 to 3 years on average but can be increased based on the following factors:

  • How many hours do you use the battery in a day
  • How often do you charge the battery
  • Type of care given to the battery.

Power Wheels Problems And Their Solutions

Problems are not far-fetched from power wheels because of their battery. When your power wheel doesn’t start, it has a problem.

Below are a few common power wheels problems and their solutions.

Power Wheels Problems and Their Solutions

1. Battery

As the name implies, power wheels are powered by batteries to enable them to move and function properly. These batteries can generate 6/12volts and you can upgrade a 12v into 24v down the line.

If the connection is loose, the battery will not supply charge. Also, if the battery charger is bad, the battery will run down faster than it should.


How do you know if the charger has a problem? Simply test by charging the battery for a while, then test with a voltmeter?

The power wheel charger should have a voltage output of 13.5 to 14.5volts. If it exceeds this reading, you have to change the power wheel charger.

Overcharging of a battery can reduce the life of a battery and cause it to die. Therefore, it is advisable not to charge the battery for more than 15 hours.

Also, do not leave the charger plugged in when the battery is fully charged.

How to Fix a Dead Battery:

  1. Charge a similar power wheel battery fully.
  2. Connect the dead battery’s negative & positive terminals to the corresponding terminals of the new battery.
  3. Then, connect your battery charger to the circuit
  4. When the charger light becomes green, remove the new battery.
  5. Connect the charger to the old battery
  6. When the charger light becomes green, your battery is charged fully.

2. Drainage

Being designed for the pleasure of kids, most of the power wheels cannot stand water exposure. They are majorly power wheels for grass.

Even as children are known to have more fun in the rain, it is not advisable to use most power wheels in the rain. This exposure can cause a lot of damage to the parts and wires.

Also, while driving your power wheels, flooded areas should be avoided to prevent damage to the parts and wires of the power wheel.

Peradventure, you unavoidably ride in a flooded area and the power wheel stops, the below procedure should be done.

Solutions to A Drainage Problem:

  1. Identify the right areas and places.
  2. Drill drainage holes
  3. Drain the unit properly.

3. Motor

When you upgrade your battery, it’s most likely that the motor of the power wheel will become faulty as well.

If you hear a grounding sound, the gears have become ground. The motor becomes overheated and leads to excessive damage.


  1. Remove the wheel to gain access to the under layer
  2. Unscrew the panel
  3. Remove the old motor
  4. Replace it with the new one.
  5. Ensure to cross-check the wiring connections before closing the panel
  6. Replace the wheels.

4. Seatbelt

The seatbelt in power wheels is designed for the safety of the kids while driving. Although it is seen as the tiniest detail on the wheel, it still determines the child’s safety.

It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the seatbelt is in good shape before taking a ride. Some of the problems associated with seatbelts are; worn out and ripped seatbelts.


  1. Worn-out seatbelts should be replaced immediately.
  2. A ripped seatbelt that can’t click should be torn down and replaced with a new one.

5. Forward and Reverse Switch

This switch enables the power wheel to move forward, and if the kid wants to turn or go backward, it enables him to reverse.

If the switch is stiff and the power wheel is moving slowly forward or backward, there is a problem.


Check the wires that connect the forward and backward switches.

How Can I Make My Power Wheels Last Longer?

In a bid to enjoy your power wheel, the question of how can I make my power wheels last longer comes to mind.

Due to the parent’s busy schedule, some kids are often left to manage the power wheels alone.  But when they can’t maximize it to the fullest, it becomes a challenge.

How Can I Make My Power Wheels Last Longer

Kids like to ride for a longer time compared to adults. The longer they ride, the greater the fun. In a bid not to spoil their fun, you have to make the power wheels last longer.

You can make your power wheel last longer by

  • Rewiring the power wheel with a 12v car battery.
  • Upgrading the engine
  • Ensuring the battery is being charged adequately for at least 18 hours
  • Upgrade your battery with the following steps:
  1. Harvest the female adapter from the old battery
  2. Wire the black wire of the female battery harness to the negative terminal of your new battery and wire the white wire to the positive terminal. Cover both terminals completely with tape.
  • Secure the battery properly into the truck so that kids can’t access it.
  1. Plug the male and female connectors together. To charge the new battery, you unplug and plug in the charger to charge.
  2. Get a voltage gauge and wire directly to the battery to monitor the battery voltage and know when to charge.
  • Store the battery properly, especially when not in use.
  • Follow the guidelines and instructions for the power wheel properly.
  • Ensure to tutor your kid on how well to use the power wheel in your absence.
  • Check for damaged or worn-out parts and replace them.

Bottom line

Power wheels problems and their solutions cannot be overlooked. If you do, you steal the fun of your lovely kids. Imagine a kid’s face when his power wheel breaks down, and there is no hope to be fixed.

The joy of every parent is to see his or her child smiling at all times, especially when it comes from his toy.

So, for the safety and durability of the wheels, it is advisable to always check factors that could generate problems and fix them.  Also, once a problem is observed, it should be fixed.

Mark start research and blogging about five years ago beside his successful business about RC cars, ride-on toys, power wheels, etc. Although he is a full-time businessman, he has a passion for research and blogging about the things he is good at. The “Toyscout24” is the result of that. He creates this site to assist people looking for RC cars and ride-on toys who don’t have proper knowledge about these toys.

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