Power Wheels only Goes in Reverse – Solutions Revealed

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Why do your child’s power wheels only goes in reverse?

There are plenty of reasons behind this. Nonetheless, the mediocre reason is the malfunctioning of the shifting gearbox. Since it is a toy, the gearbox does not work like the real vehicle’s one. If the gearbox breaks or stops functioning in the reverse option, it will only move behind. A breakdown like this consists of breaking the switch or the wire.

However, in the rest of the article, we shall disclose the other problems which cause power wheels only goes in reverse. Stay tuned to obtain all the possible problems regarding the reverse moving issue.

All About Why Power Wheels only Goes in Reverse

We have explained below, everything very precisely and to the point why actually your power wheels only goes in reverse.

Power Wheels only Goes in Reverse - Solutions Revealed

1. Gearbox Malfunctioning

You may surely notice there is a gearbox on the dashboard. It generally consists of three segments, one is the forward option, one is for keeping the power wheel stand by, and the last option is to reverse the power wheel.

When the gear on the dashboard is on the reverse option and starts malfunctioning, it will stick at that point, and your power wheel will only move backward.

How To Check And Fix?

When the gearbox is broken on the reverse option, it does not work at all. Moreover, the gear will not allow you to keep the power wheel on standby or neutral.

First, turn the neutral option, and click the paddle. If the power wheel moves backward, it proves that the gearbox is blown away.

It can also occur if the wire is not connected. But the possibility of this one is pretty meager since power wheels do not face uneven roads. So, you must check the gearbox with the help of an electronic expert. You can also change the gearbox if you reserve some electrical education.

Again, you must know that dirt or liquid elements can occupy the back of the gearbox or switch and cause the result. So, in this case, wiping with a piece of fabric or towel will be good enough to mend this problem.

But when you are changing the switch or gearbox, you must observe the battery voltage. If your power wheels belong to 24 V, you can only attach the switch which is for 24 V.

Using the lower voltage switch or gearbox can blow the gear within a concise while, and if you use a higher one than 24 V, it will be less productive and put pressure on the other internal tools.

How To Check And Fix Gearbox Malfunctioning to solve Power Wheels Only Goes In Reverse

2. Problem In Motor

From the above-mentioned explanation, we come to know the problems regarding the gearbox or the forward and backward switch dysfunctionality.

However, the switch is working the way you desire, meaning it stops functionalities when the power wheel is neutral. But, it moves backward when you select the forward option.

If it happens, there is a high possibility that your power wheels’ motors have a problem. Another thing can occur that we shall disclose later.

How To Fix Motor Problems?

Let’s not take the motor problem heavily since it is easy to fix. Follow the steps orderly to make things right.

  • Firstly, with a screwdriver open the seat by removing the screws. After removing the seat you will see the battery and unplug all the wires.

You may notice there are two types of wires, one is connected to the battery and the other end of the same wire is connected to the motors. You must unplug all the wires.

How To Fix Motor Problems

  • Secondly, now remove all the wire heads meaning the white part of the wires. You need to be careful in these steps since the bronze clips are severely sensitive.

remove all the wire heads to fix motor problem

  • Thirdly, make the bronze head clean with the screwdriver so that the unwanted particles may be removed. In straight words, make the heads shinier than before.

Again, bend a bit in the directions where the heads are already bent. It will create more grip in the joints, and a good grip means a good connection.

However, it is noteworthy that the motors only misbehave when the wiring with the battery and chips is loose.

  • Lastly, install all the wires like it was before unloading. It would be best if you click a wire picture before unplugging. Moreover, you must take the plugs into the process one by one. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you may lose the proper wiring process.

The Wiring Problems

The last possible issue is the wiring issue. Sometimes the wires become loose, and the power wheels malfunction or do not work. If you follow the previous steps of fixing the motor, the wiring will also be fixed. Both of them consist of the same procedures.


While considering the reversing of the power wheels, there are numerous queries. Here are some of the top beneficial information that you may face sometimes.

Why Are My Power Wheels Not Working?

There can be plenty of reasons behind this issue. Firstly, the switch or gearbox is broken. Secondly, there can be a problem with wires. Thirdly, the battery has no validity or is dead. Eventually, the chipset broke.

Do Power Wheels Have Fuses?

Yes, there is a fuse in the Power Wheels, which helps to prevent malfunctioning of the battery and other tools. Generally, the manufacturer uses a thermal fuse to maximize the safety features and to avoid severe conditions.

Can I Run a 12v Dc Motor on 24v?

Yes, you can run a 12V DC motor on a 24V battery. But miserably, the result will be a disaster. The voltage of the 24V battery will blow the engine within a short while.

The speed of the motor will be doubled, and the temperature will surge undoubtedly. Yet, limited usage and proper preparation can prevent this issue.


Still, if your power wheels malfunction, there is a high chance that your chipset is broken. So, you must ask for an electrical expert to fix this issue. And that was all about power wheels only going in reverse.

Moreover, you must keep one thing in your mind that the warranty coverage is six months. If you face this problem in this duration, you do not need to worry. The manufacturer will cover all the issues.

Mark start research and blogging about five years ago beside his successful business about RC cars, ride-on toys, power wheels, etc. Although he is a full-time businessman, he has a passion for research and blogging about the things he is good at. The “Toyscout24” is the result of that. He creates this site to assist people looking for RC cars and ride-on toys who don’t have proper knowledge about these toys.

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