How to Store Power Wheels? – (The Complete Guide 2022)

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Power Wheels is a toy car brand for kids that operates with batteries that fit children. Getting Power Wheels is not a problem, but safe-keeping might be a problem.

Since storage is the only way of safe-keeping Power Wheels, the worry now will be how to store power wheels.

To store Power Wheels properly, store them in an overhead garage, storage racks, basement, and many other secure places.

There are more ways to store Power Wheels, and we will show them to you as you read on.

We will also explain why it is important to properly store Power Wheels and what you should do before storing Power Wheels.

What Should You Do Before Storing Your Power Wheels?

There are a couple of things you should do before storing your Power Wheels. Follow the steps if you don’t want to cause the Power Wheels to break down. So, check them below.

Storing Your Power Wheels

Clean the Power Wheels Properly

It is only proper that after using the Power Wheels, you should wash it well before storing it. Even the slightest dirt doesn’t need to stay on the toy car before storing it. You don’t want your Power Wheels to experience the dangers of storing it covered in dirt.

When dirt sticks to the car and you store it, the dirt cakes become harder to clean. The huge dirty might start obstructing some functions of the Power Wheels.

Also, it might reduce the speed, damage the beauty of the toy car, and make some parts break off. Use soap and clean water to wash your Power Wheels properly after use.

Dry Your Power Wheels Before Storing

As much you have to clean or wash your Power Wheels before storing, make sure you dry it too. The singular act of storing your Power Wheels wet might cause corrosion, hence damaging the car and reducing its useful years.

So, we advise you to dry your Power Wheels in sunlight or an open-air space for over one hour. Make sure it has dried completely before taking it back inside. You can use a clean cloth to wipe off the wet part for proper drying.

Don’t Store Your Power Wheels without Power

Make sure you charge your Power Wheels battery before you store it. Storing Power Wheels with a lifeless battery might reduce their lifespan. If your battery stays without power for a long time, the chemicals inside will die gradually till it ends completely.

With this, the battery will not work again, and your Power Wheels become useless. So, keep your battery charged before storing your Power Wheels to avoid such challenges. The battery should be at a minimum of 50 percent before storage.

Charge Your Power Wheels Batteries Accurately

Charging your Power Wheels battery is good. But overcharging can be bad for it. Some batteries get fully charged in 8 to 12 hours, and charging it for more than the stipulated time is wrong.

This is important because some people keep their Power Wheels charging while they store them. This act will make the battery overcharge and then get it damaged.

Detach the Battery from The Power Wheel

Many people might not see the importance of removing the battery for the Power Wheel before storing it. But, it’s important to prevent further drainage of the battery while storing. If you continue keeping the battery in the car when storing it, the battery might get bad and stop charging with time.

How To Store Power Wheels?

Many people don’t know how to store power wheels, which makes them regularly replace or repair their Power Wheels.

The simple knowledge of how to store power wheels is enough to save you the money and stress of buying a new one or repeatedly repairing the one you have. Here are simple ways to store your Power Wheels.

How to Store Power Wheels

Store Power Wheels on Overhead Garage

You can install an overhead garage in your house without consuming much space. You can even keep your books on while you store your Power Wheels on it. This garage supports both long-term and short-term storage.

Store Power Wheels on Overhead Garage

For short-term storage, you can just attach Power Wheels to the ledger of the rack. While for long-term storage, you can completely place the Power Wheels on the overhead board.

This storage is good because it takes your Power Wheels up from the ground to protect it from excess cold or potential flood.

Store on Wall-Mounted Racks

Many people who already have their garage filled with many things might find it hard to store their Power Wheels. But, with the wall-mounted racks, space for storing Power Wheels is not a problem.

Store on Wall-Mounted Racks

Place your Power Wheels on the boards or joists you have installed and allow for as long as you want to store them.

The wall-mounted racks allow you to store other items too to prevent littering so much on the ground.

Store in Storage Racks

This is for people who have over one Power Wheels, which means they have many children. They need storage racks to ensure all their Power Wheels are safe and properly stored.

A multi-level storage rack will go a long way to save storage space while storing many Power Wheels.

But you can get Power Wheels with four seats to contain more children instead of many Power Wheels for all.

Store in The Basement

The basement is a default storage space for many. This space is mostly crowded with unwanted clutters that you cannot decide whether to send them out, use, or sell them.

Storing your Power Wheels in your basement is a safe space for it if you want long-term storage. If that is the only space available for the safe-keeping of the Power Wheel, then it works.

Store in Outdoor Storage Shelf

Outdoor shelves work to replace garages and basements. You can build one to store your Power Wheel. Although this might be a little risky as rain might wet the car and too much heat from the sun might damage the looks.

But, a good solution is making a shelter over the shelf and covering the car with a thick cloth to protect it from the rain or the sunray.

Store in An Average Temperature and Dry Place

For a Power Wheel to stay strong and have a full lifespan, it requires you to store it at a temperature of about 55ºF to 70ºF. Also, the storage place should be dry and rid of every form of water.

Why Is It Important To Store Power Wheels Perfectly?

Here are the reasons why you must store your power wheels away in a safe place instead of letting it float around and get damaged:

Increase Lifespan

The lifespan of a thing is very important, as it shows how much you care for it and how often you will need to replace it.

Lesser Repairs

Storing Power Wheels properly sustains the life of the cars and reduces the need for repairs. This means more money for you to keep, as you won’t be spending more money on what you can avoid with less money.

Prolonged Efficiency

Another importance of storing Power Wheels perfectly is for it not to reduce its efficiency. When you store your Power Wheels in bad condition, the Power Wheels will stop working the way they used to work with time.

Final Words

For children, Power Wheels is a big deal, and they love having one. So you might want to get your children one. Once you do, you need to know how to store power wheels.

Aside from parents, sellers of Power Wheels need to know how to store it too.

Store your Power Wheels in a dry and warm place. The basement can be a good option, and outdoor shelves will do well. The point of storing Power Wheels is to make sure they don’t get bad easily.

Mark start research and blogging about five years ago beside his successful business about RC cars, ride-on toys, power wheels, etc. Although he is a full-time businessman, he has a passion for research and blogging about the things he is good at. The “Toyscout24” is the result of that. He creates this site to assist people looking for RC cars and ride-on toys who don’t have proper knowledge about these toys.

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