How to Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger?

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No matter how careful you are, there could be situations where your child’s power wheel battery charger is out of service when the battery runs down.

Maybe the charger went bad, got lost, or isn’t within reach. You don’t have to panic as there are other ways to get your power wheels battery charged.

While you’re yet to get a replacement for your lost or spoilt charger, here are some alternatives to help you charge that battery: using a car battery, plugging it directly, using a battery jump starter, or a solar panel.

So, if you want to know more about how to charge power wheels battery without charger, make use of the extensive guide below.

Is It Safe To Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Its Charger?

You can comfortably charge your power wheel’s battery without having to use its recommended charger.

However, note that prolonged usage of alternative charging methods will shorten your battery’s life span. Also, you might charge your battery with a source that generates a high electric current.

Is It Safe To Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Its Charger

Our best guess is that you probably thought the high current power source would reduce the time it takes before your battery fully charges.

This will also end up reducing your battery’s overall lifespan. Your power wheels battery charger is the most recommended way of charging your battery. So, get a replacement charger as soon as possible.

What You’ll Need To Charge Power wheel Battery Without Charger?

Nobody likes to be caught unprepared when running a project. So, it’s expected that you’ll want to know the things you’ll need to charge power wheel battery without charger.

This knowledge gives you an idea of how much you should budget and the right stores you can go to purchase those items.

We’ll be sharing three methods you can use to charge your power wheels battery without charger.

Moreover, what you’ll need depends on the three methods you choose. Below are the requirements for the three different methods.

1. Using a Car Battery

The requirements are to charge your power wheels battery using a car battery.

  • A car battery (make sure your car battery is charged and operates on 15volts)
  • A voltmeter to check for current flow.
  • Connecting leads

2. Plugging the Battery Directly Into a Power Source

Here are the requirements to charge your power wheels battery directly on a power outlet.

  • Resistors
  • A voltmeter
  • A power cable equipped with an adapter.
  • An electric wall socket
  • Alligator clips

3. Charging with A Solar Panel

To charge your battery with a solar panel, you need to ensure you have the items listed below.

  • MC4 connectors
  • A charge controller
  • An insulator
  • A screwdriver
  • A voltmeter

How To Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger

As we mentioned above, there are several ways of charging your power wheels battery without its charger. They are:

How to Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger

  1. Using a car battery
  2. Plug the battery directly into a power source
  3. Charging with a solar panel

Below, we’ll consider how to charge power wheels battery without charger.

Method 1: Using a Car Battery

It’s a common occurrence where you pack up for a vacation without including some important items.

Nobody likes to get an extra charger when you have just a few days to get back home to the first charger. As much as the experience may not be a very pleasant one, there’s no point bothering if you traveled in your car.

Here are the steps to take:

  • Disconnect and remove your power wheels’ battery from the car.
  • Once you’re done with that, check the battery’s voltage first before anything else. This is because most power wheels are powered using a 12volt battery which can be charged to a peak voltage of 15volt. Once you exceed this limit, be ready to replace the battery because you’ll damage it.
  • Figure out the negative and positive terminals of both the car and your power wheel batteries.
  • Lastly, use a pair of jumper wires to connect the positive terminal of your car battery to that of your power wheel. After that, repeat the same for the negative terminals of both batteries.
  • Use a voltmeter to measure how much your battery has been charged. Make sure you disconnect the connecting wires when the voltmeter reads the recommended charging limit of the battery.

Method 2: Plug the Battery Directly Into a Power Source

If you can’t reach your power wheels battery charger, you may be in luck if your power supply has a feature that limits the amount of current or voltage flowing through it.

Read below to see how you can go about with this method.

  • First off, determine your power wheel’s battery maximum voltage capacity. Note that an excess beyond 2amps of current will damage your battery.
  • Once you’ve determined how much voltage your battery can contain, set the voltage and the maximum input current that flows into your battery from the power source. The ideal input current for your 12v power wheels battery should be around 2A.

You may have to add a resistor to the circuit if you doubt that the battery can withstand the amount of current flowing into it.

  • Once you’ve done that, you can connect your battery to the power outlet and allow it to charge. Ensure to monitor the temperature of your battery constantly.

Method 3: Charging with A Solar Panel

Interestingly, you can use an inverter to charge power wheel battery without charger. Furthermore, some inverters come with ports that allow their users to easily plug in and charge electronics. Also, this method takes less time to get your battery fully charged.

Charging with A Solar Panel

However, we advise that you don’t use this method frequently since it reduces your battery health. Below are the required steps for charging:

  • Get a charge controller mounted on an insulator material. The charge controller should help you limit the amount of current or voltage entering the battery to avoid damaging it.
  • Connect the positive and negative terminals of your power wheels battery to the appropriate terminals on the charge controller.
  • Use MC4 connectors to connect the positive and negative terminals of the solar panel to the charge controller. After that, use a screwdriver to tighten the screws that will hold the connections in place.
  • Allow the battery to charge for up to an hour before checking for its voltage. The duration before your battery completely charges on some key factors, including the battery capacity and the solar panel’s wattage.
  • Make sure you don’t allow the battery to exceed its maximum charging limit. Once the battery has been fully charged, disconnect it from the power source.

How Do You Know If Power Wheels Battery Is Charging?

There are occasions where you just charged your battery only to insert it in your power wheels and watch it run out in less than the usual time.

When this happens, two things usually come to mind first. It’s either your battery has gone bad, or the battery wasn’t even charging in the first place.

You can correct the former by simply recharging the battery or by getting a new battery for replacement. If the latter is the case, then you may have to check the connections or the charger.

It could be that your charger is not compatible with the battery, the charger is faulty, or there’s an issue with the connection.

So, you probably confirmed that your charger is compatible with the battery and is in good condition. Then there’s a way to ensure that your battery isn’t just plugged in in vain while you have hopes that it is being charged.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, we advise that you measure the voltage in your battery before and after charging.

Measuring Your Power Wheels Battery Voltage

To measure the voltage of any battery, you need a voltmeter or a multimeter. Below are the procedures to do this:

  • First off, turn off your power wheels, then disconnect the battery and remove it from the car.
  • Remove the seal (if there’s any) from both terminals of the battery and check for corrosion. If there’s any, clean it off to ensure that you have an unhindered flow of current.
  • Once you’re done with that, first connect the battery’s positive terminal to the voltmeter’s positive terminal. Then do the same for the negative terminal of both the voltmeter and the battery.
  • There should be reading on the voltmeter. Read and record the voltmeter reading.
  • After that, connect the battery to a power source through the charger and allow it to charge for a while. After some minutes, unplug the battery from the power source and reconnect it to the voltmeter.
  • If there’s an increase in the voltmeter reading, then you can be sure your battery was charging.

How Long Does It Take For A Power Wheels Battery To Charge?

The time duration for your power wheels battery to reach a full charge differs with batteries. Furthermore, note that a power wheels battery has to be charged for a minimum of 18 hours before the first usage.

You must never charge a power wheels battery beyond 30 hours as a precaution. This will end up shortening your power wheels’ battery life.

After you have achieved an 18-hour first charging, you can subsequently charge your power wheels 12v battery between 14 to 18 hours. If your power wheels come with a 6V battery, then you should charge it for 12 to 14 hours.

What To Do If Your Power Wheel Battery Is Not Charging?

Several factors can lead to your power wheel’s battery not charging. When this happens, it’s high time you started making budget plans for a new battery or charger.

However, you may just need to modify the existing battery or charger in some cases instead of going for new ones.

Some of the reasons why your battery isn’t charging are:

  1. Your battery is probably too old to hold a charge.
  2. The battery is dead and can’t be charged.
  3. Your charger is faulty.

If your battery is too old or dead and can’t be charged, the best option, in this case, is to replace the battery. If your power wheel’s battery charger is bad, you can meet a technician to fix it.

If it can’t be fixed, you should replace it with a new charger. Note that the charger output of the new charger must be up to par and meet the specifications required to charge your battery.

Regular Maintenance Tips For Power Wheel Battery

To make sure your power wheels battery serves you for the longest possible time, you must take precautions. Also, we recommend that you get the best ride on car with parental remote control.

Such power wheels are beneficial if your child has issues controlling the car and risks being left out on the fun.

Power Wheel Battery

The tips below should aid you in taking good care of your wheel’s battery and making it serve you best.

1. Always Make Sure You’re Using the Recommended Charger

Using the wrong charger can result in a spark or fire accident. To avoid such accidents, we advise that you always refer to your owner’s manual before you get a replacement for your spoilt charger. Also, make sure you only plug the charger into a standard wall socket.

Once your battery has been sufficiently charged, disconnect it from the charger and unplug the charger from the wall socket.

2. Always Check for Faults Before Connecting Your Battery to A Power Source

If your power wheel’s battery charger has a fault that causes current leakage, you risk electric shocks. There could also be a case where the heat sink in the charger adapter gets detached and starts moving freely.

If it gets to bridge terminals of the electric components in the charger, you stand the risk of a spark or a fire explosion. So, always make sure your charger and battery are both in good condition before charging.

3. The Battery Must Be Handled by Adults Only

Never expose the battery to your children. Your battery has acidic contents that can turn out extremely harmful in some conditions.

Also, surfaces such as the countertop in your kitchen can be damaged if they come in contact with the corrosive acidic content of the battery.

4. Never Alter the Electronics Contained in The Charger

It can be very tempting to short-circuit your power wheels battery or alter the charger.

As interesting as this may seem, it’s something you shouldn’t attempt as it may result in an explosion. Instead of taking that risk, we recommend that you replace the battery or charger instead.

5. Never Let Your Power Wheels Battery Completely Run Down

We recommend that you charge your power wheels battery immediately after each usage for a minimum of 14 hours.

If it’s during the winter when your child doesn’t use the car regularly, charge the car for at least 14 hours in every 1-month cycle. Allowing the battery to run down completely will reduce the battery life.

Final Words

How to charge power wheels battery without charger should no more be a thing to worry about, especially if you have a car.

You have to remove your car battery and connect your power wheels battery. This article has carefully explained the procedure alongside two other alternative methods.

Mark start research and blogging about five years ago beside his successful business about RC cars, ride-on toys, power wheels, etc. Although he is a full-time businessman, he has a passion for research and blogging about the things he is good at. The “Toyscout24” is the result of that. He creates this site to assist people looking for RC cars and ride-on toys who don’t have proper knowledge about these toys.

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