How to Charge a Power Wheels Battery – Details Guide

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Just like any toy device with batteries, the power wheels battery must be charged to keep the fun going. Most power wheel models will last you 45 to 90 minutes on a single charge.

To maintain maximum running time and prolong the battery lifespan, they must be charged properly.

So, how do you charge a power wheel battery?  You can charge a power wheel battery by connecting the battery to the charger and a socket outlet. Then, leave the batteries to charge for anywhere between 14 and 18 hours.

All power wheel batteries come with a charger, therefore, charging should be straightforward. However, there are a few ways to charge them without a charger. Keep reading below to learn how to charge a power wheel battery today.

How to Charge a Power Wheels Battery

A power-wheel car comes with a built-in battery and charger. You need to use the provided standard charger to charge the power wheel battery. In the power wheel car, there is a battery port.

As a first step, make sure you remove the battery from the power-wheel car. Removing the battery reduces the risk of car damage due to leaks and other battery issues. You can then proceed to charge the battery.

How to Charge a Power Wheels Battery

The charger connects directly to the battery via a battery port. Power wheel cars just like other devices feature a designated battery charging port. Locate the port and connect the charger.

The charger is then connected to a standard wall outlet where power is drawn to charge the battery.

Depending on the power wheel car model, there should be a solid red light indicator that shows the battery is charging. A built-in battery light indicator will let you know when the battery is fully charged.

A flashing green light on the indicator means the battery is at least 80% charged, and ready for use. If you’re not in a hurry, wait for the battery to get to 100%. A solid green color will appear when the battery is 100% charged.

However, if you see a red flashing light, then it means the battery is defective. Consider replacing it. The battery can also be defective if you don’t see any light.

You can watch the video to learn more about how to safely charge a power wheel battery.

Most people will charge their power wheel batteries in the garage, basement, or on outlets outdoors.

Make sure you choose a designated area to charge your battery. This will prevent the cars from getting in your way when performing various house chores.

It also helps keep the charger in one place without misplacing it.

How Do Battery-Powered Power Wheels Operate

Battery-powered power wheels require a battery to operate. The built-in battery feature is one of the most exciting features of power wheels.

A standard-battery power wheel comes with a 12V rechargeable battery. The battery provides power for the motor and radio control.

When buying a new Power Wheel, make sure the charger and battery are included. If a power-wheel car arrives without a battery and charger, contact the seller right away.

How Long Does it take to Charge Power Wheel Batteries?

Charge your battery for an average of 14 hours after every use. This is enough time to have the battery fully charged and ready for the next use. You can also charge the battery for 18 hours before use.

However, you should never charge batteries for over 30 hours. The charging times are applicable for 12V and 6V batteries.

How Long Does it take to Charge Power Wheel Batteries

During prolonged storage of 30 days or more in winter, charge your batteries for 14 hours before use.

However, the exact time to charge your power wheel battery can be found in the power wheel manual. These are just general guidelines that apply to most power-wheel batteries.

Using Power wheels Quick Charger

As you can see, waiting for 14 hours for the battery to fully charge is quite long. This has led to the development of compatible power wheel quick chargers. These are chargers with rapid charging models. Most can charge power wheel batteries to 80% capacity in under 2 hours.

Besides, most of these chargers come with built-in indicators that indicate when batteries are fully charged.

Power wheels Battery Charging Safety Tips

Knowing how to charge your power wheel battery is one thing. However, you also need to know how to take care of it and ensure an extended lifespan. Below are some safety tips to help extend your battery lifespan.

Power wheels Battery Charging Safety Tips

Avoid Short Circuits

You’ve probably had people advise you to short circuit batteries that have not been in use for long. Well, NEVER attempt that! Short-circuiting your battery greatly reduces its lifespan.

Even when the batteries are fully drained due to extended winter storage, don’t short-circuit them.

Don’t Overcharge The Battery

Batteries have recommended charging times. The times are usually indicated in the manual. In addition, most batteries show a red indicator light when charging and a green indicator light when fully charged.

Once the batteries are fully charged, make sure you disconnect the charger. Overcharging your battery can lead to damage and reduced lifespan.

Use the Correct Charger

As a rule, always use the right charger. The manual indicates the correct type of charger to use. Chargers feature voltage regulations to ensure batteries get the right amount of power.

Using the wrong charger can lead to battery damage or explosions. Chargers with unregulated voltages can trigger fires and cause explosions.

Check Battery Wear and Damage Before Charging

Make it a habit to always inspect the batteries before charging. Damaged or badly worn-out batteries should not be charged and used. Apart from the battery, inspect the connectors and charger.

It is dangerous charging a damaged battery. Most batteries contain sulfuric acid which can be quite dangerous when it leaks.

Charge Once a Month if Not in Use

If the battery is not in use for a month, make sure you charge it. This is important to help maintain the structure of the battery. Even when the battery has not run out, charging once a month helps prevent any future damage.

It’s also recommended you charge your batteries even when they are not fully drained. Below are some Power Wheels Battery charging recommendations:

  • Charge batteries after every use
  • When storing for long periods, charge the batteries first and then store them
  • Never let the batteries drain completely before charging

Charge in a Dry and Ventilated Area

Make sure the charging location is dry and well-ventilated. Charging in wet areas can lead to electrical issues and battery damage. Choose a covered area like a garage where the battery is safe from rain or any bad weather.

Additionally, the room should have good ventilation in case of leakages. Leaking batteries produce harsh fumes that are harmful when inhaled.

Proper Battery Storage

Lastly, make sure the battery is nicely stored in the right position and under weather conditions. When charging, place the battery upright. Slanting or turning the battery upside down can damage internal components.

If storing the battery, make sure the temperatures are right and there is no water exposure. Ideally, batteries should be stored at a minimum of -10 degrees F and not exceeding 75 degrees F.

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Where Do you charge a Power Wheels battery?

You need to charge power wheel batteries at locations where there is minimal traffic. In most homes, power wheel batteries are charged in basements, garages, and places close to outdoor outlets.

It’s important to have a designated area where you charge your batteries. These are areas that don’t get in the way of day-to-day activities. Remember the batteries will be charging for almost 14 hours or more. Selecting a good area also helps minimize the risks of misplacing the batteries.

Final Verdict

Children will have endless fun with a power-wheel car. However, these cars come with rechargeable batteries that require charging. Proper battery charging is significant to ensure extended use and a long-lasting lifespan. As a rule, make sure you inspect the batteries for any damage before charging, use the right charger and supervise battery charging.

While power wheels might differ slightly, they all work the same and should be charged correctly. Following the right guidelines will ensure your battery lasts for a long and serves you well.

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