How Big is 1 14 Scale RC Car?

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When looking to buy a remote-controlled (RC) car, size is a big consideration. The only difference from real cars is their size and the remote control. However, these cars look and appear just like normal cars and trucks.

RC cars in different scales. A 1:14 scale RC car is one of the many models available. Considering 1 14 scale RC car?

Your biggest question should be how big is 1 14 scale RC car? A Large RC car on a 1:14 scale measures approximately 13 by 9 by 8 inches. The car looks like a replica of the real car apart from the size. 1:14 scale RC cars are remotely operated and run on batteries.

Not sure how big a 1 14 remote-controlled car looks? Join me as I discuss the RC car size below. And scale represents the actual size of an RC car in regard to its original version.

What is an RC Scale Car?

An RC scale car is a remote-controlled car. The term RC refers to remote-controlled toys. You’ve probably had toys like remote controls trucks, airplanes, and much more.

What is an RC Scale Car

However, RC cars can also mean radio-controlled cars. Remote control cars use wires between the car and remote while radio-controlled cars don’t use wires. You probably had an RC car when growing up as a child.

Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with rekindling your experience with an RC car. RC cars now come into forms: First is the toy-style cars or trucks advertised in cartoon shows and branded with specific characters.

Secondly, we have kit-style cars and trucks sold at local hobby shops. And scale represents the size of an RC car in regard to its original version.

How Big is a 1: 14 Scale RC Car?

The 1: 14 ratio scale on RC cars refers to the exact size of the car model. A 1:14 scale car is a miniature car measuring approximately 13 by 8 by 9 inches.

How Big is 1 14 Scale RC Car

Typically, RC scales are used to refer to the size of cars. The smaller the scale ratio number, the bigger the car. For instance, a 1:5 scale RC car is one of the largest radio-controlled cars on the market.

A 1:10 scale RC car is the most common size radio-controlled car. The RC cars are usually modeled after full-size automobiles, but come in different sizes.

If you’re shopping for an RC car, then you need pretty precise details for the scale meanings.

How is RC Cars Size Measured?

RC cars are measured using a scale. You’ll often see an RC car described in the form of a ratio. The idea behind the scaling is to draw a picture in a customer’s mind concerning the actual car size.

The scales refer to the size of the miniature car in comparison to the exact real car size.

For example, you can want an RC car modeled after a Ferrari. This means getting the same look as a Ferrari but scaling down to a small size. If the RC Ferrari is 1: 14, then the RC car is up to 14 times smaller.

Take another example of a 1:43 scale in RC cars. Such model cars will measure 3.5 to 5 inches in length.

NB: Remember the smaller the scale ratio, the bigger the size.

A 1:12 RC car will measure approximately 14 to 16 inches long which is a little longer than a 1:14 RC scale car that measures around 13 inches long.

It simply means that if you want a small model car, then go for a higher ratio. If you want a big model car, then consider a small ratio.

Why Does Size Matter in RC Cars?

Customers are asked to pay keen attention to the RC car sizes. But why does size matter?

Size is everything when you want detailed features in your RC car. There are cons and pros to every RC car size. A bigger RC car size means you’ll get more realistic features.

Why Does Size Matter in RC Cars

If you want defined bodywork, curvy features, real side mirrors, and excellent paintwork, then consider going with a bigger size.

In close-up pictures, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between a big RC car and the actual model. The bonnet and headlights flaunt the fancy features of an actual car. However, when you have the RC car with you, it’s pretty hard to have detailed features with a small size.

Smaller-size RC cars also tend to have small motors and batteries as compared to big ones. They can run fast and will need recharging more often. There is no limitation on the RC car sizes.

However, you need to consider the terrain and choose a car size that suits your needs. Make sure you choose an RC car size that can handle your racing terrain.

1:12 and 1:18 RC truck models are great for mountain experiences.

What Is the Point of RC Cars?

So, what’s the point of RC cars when you can drive a real car? Well, there are various benefits to having RC cars. First, the cars look great, and it just feels fine controlling them by radio.

For adults, it’s a great way to rekindle your memories and get to enjoy some good moments with family and friends outdoors. For adults, RC cars offer a great way to share and enjoy your hobby.

You’ll probably see RC car events for adults where different adults with the same interest meet. In the same way motorsports, fans come to enjoy dirt bikes and ATVs, RC car fans can also come together and have great memories.

For kids, these cars offer a great way to get them from video and indoor games. It’s a great way for kids to experience outdoor activities and enjoy themselves. RC cars can help kids develop physiologically and learn about care and responsibility.

The cars also promote creativity and imagination among kids. It’s a great way to help kids learn how things work and get them to enjoy participating in activities.

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There you go! That’s it from me about RC cars. Now you know how big 1 14 RC car is and the right size to choose for you. A small RC scale on the car indicates a bigger size while a large scale number indicates a small car.

Knowing the RC scale meaning is important to choose the right size RC car. RC car sizing is essential as it can determine the features present and realistic the car looks and feels.

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