9 Best RC Cars Under $150 – RC Cars that are Worthy of Investment

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Not everyone needs a $500 RC car! With the right knowledge and trick, one can get hands on the best RC cars under $150.

The Drive system, powerful motor, good speed, fast controller frequency, long controlling range, heavy-duty construction, and long-lasting batteries are what make an ideal RC car stand out from the rest.

And fortunately, you won’t have to spend hundreds of bucks to get such an RC car. We have done all the required research and put together a list of the 9 best RC cars under 150 dollars.

Go through and pick your favorite!

How Much Should You Spend on An RC Car?

Well, there are different types of RC cars which we will be discussed broadly in the coming sections. Different types of RC cars come at different prices.

How Much Should You Spend on An RC Car_

The most common RC car is the electric one. And a decent electric RC car should cost you around 100-200 dollars. Gas-powered and Nitro Rc cars are expensive they come around 300-2000 dollars.

However, don’t let the price intimidate you, you don’t need to spend 500 dollars on an RC car that you will play within the backyard. Spend a big buck when you are choosing an RC car for a competition, where you will need everything from speed to durability.

Quick Comparison Chart:

Are you in a rush? Then take a look at this quick comparison chart that includes all the major information about each RC car on this list.

NameMotorSpeedController RangeBatteryRun TimeCharging Time
HAIBOXING 1:18 Scale All Terrain RC Car380 Brushed36 Kph280-feet7.4v Li-Po40-min1.5-hour
BEZGAR HS101 Hobby Grade 1:10 Scale Remote Control Truck580 Brushed40 Kph250-feet7.4v Li-Po 1800 mAh40-min2.5-hour
ARRMA RC Monster Truck540 Brushed20 Mph250-feet7.2 NiHM4-8 min3-hour
 Ruko C11 Amphibious 1:10 Scale Large Monster TruckNot SpecifiedNot Specified100-feet9.6v 600 mAh40-min2-5 hour
Tecesy High Speed RC CarRC390 Brushed46 Kph250-feetLi-ion 7.4v 1500 mAh30-min3-hour
DEERC Brushless RC Car2440 Brushless60 Kph328-feet7.4v 1200mAh40-min2-hour
Holyton Remote Control Car W/ LED Shell Lights540 brushed48 Kph330-feet7.4v 1800mAh40-min3-hour
Soyee 1:10 Scale High Speed Remote Control Car390 Dual Brushed45 Kph150-feet1600 mAh Li-ion30-min3-hour.
GoolRC WLtoys 124019 RC Car550 Brushed60 Kph100-meter7.4V 2200 mAh9-minute3-hour

9 Best Rc Cars Under $150 Review

It’s time to dive deeper into each product and see what they have stored. Each of these products are thoroughly reviewed, from specs to cons, we left nothing behind the bush. So go through, pick the one you like.

Best Rc Cars Under $150

1. HAIBOXING All Terrain RC Car: Best for All-Terrains

Do you need an RC car that can ride on every terrain? Then check out this Hailboxing all-terrain RC car. It comes with splash waterproof electronic components, a powerful motor, and grippy anti-slip tires, which makes it safe and easy to go through different terrains.

HAIBOXING All Terrain RC Car

It is powered with a highly durable and fast magnetic RC 380 brushed efficient motor, which has high torque, and low noise and is heavily constructed for years of service. The motor can deliver up to 21000 RPM, and this 4WD RC car can reach a top speed of 36 Kph. Being able to control that much speed with fingertips is very exciting.

This car also comes with classic ball bearings for smooth rolling, solid gear differentials, and an independent suspension. The 2.4 GHz full-function radio control system gives a control range of 280 feet.

The forward transmission, brake, and reverse work as expected, no need to worry about those. It features two 7.4V Li-Po batteries that offer long-time service. These are rechargeable batteries, obviously. And comes with a USB charger as well.

One impressive feature of this unit is that it allows you to remove the batteries. So if you purchase one separate pair of batteries, keep it fully charged, when the main battery runs out of charge, you can use the spare one. That way you will enjoy it more.

Moreover, this unit comes with an IPX4 splash waterproof speed controller that will protect the controller from water splash. And the motor has over-current and heat protection. Not only that, it comes with anti-blocked protection, which mitigates the risk of motor burning.

The manufacturer has designed this car pretty well, it has a hobby class design, is truck shaped, and the scale is 1:18. It is constructed with a solid and flexible PVC truck body along with knobby off-roading tires.


  • Speed: 36 Kph.
  • Motor: 380 brushed
  • Battery: 4-volt Li-Po
  • Charging Time: 5-hour.
  • Run time: 40-minutes.
  • Chassis: 4WD
  • Min Age Range: 8 year
  • Radiofrequency: 4 GHz.
  • Control range: 280 feet.
  • Waterproof ESC: Available

User Experience

With a 280 feet control range and 36 Kph peak speed, you will have a good time with this HAIBOXING Rc car. You get proportional and agile throttle and steering control, you won’t face any delay or loss in signal.

Very responsive steering and throttle. The steering can return to a 36-degree angle which adds good maneuverability, and who doesn’t like taking hard turns?

On a single charge, you can play for around 40-minutes. But if you keep a set of spare parts, then you can increase the playtime twice as much. And the battery takes around 90-minutes to get charged fully.

Pros to Prefer
  • A powerful brushed motor that lasts long.
  • 280 feet control range offers decent space to play around.
  • The truck can reach up to 36 kph speed.
  • Steering can turn to a 36-degree angle.
  • Splash waterproof controller.
  • Good suspension and tires make it suitable for all-terrain.
  • Double sealed bearing ensures smooth performance.
Con to Consider
  • The vehicle cover is thin.

Why Should You Buy It?

There are plenty of reasons why you should pick this Haiboxing 1:18 scale RC car. First of all, it is suitable for all-terrain, thanks to its suspension and tires. Then, it gives you are control range of 280 feet along with a peak speed of 36 Kph.

Features a powerful noise-free motor. And lastly, both the throttle and steering are pretty responsive.

2. BEZGAR HS101 Hobby Remote Control Truck: Best For Stability

Right out of the box, the stability of this Bezgar HS hobby-grade RC truck will amaze you. With high-end tires, a 4-wheel drive system, smooth bearings, and a powerful brushless motor, the truck performs quite well. It’s a 1:10 scale RC truck, a small one, but the power outweighs the size.

BEZGAR HS101 Hobby Remote Control Truck

With this unit, you get a 540 brushed motor that can deliver up to 14000 rpm. Not only that, it is a 4WD RC truck, so the power is the last thing you should worry about. This truck can hit up to 40 kmh speed effortlessly. Both the acceleration and the speed of this truck is powerful.

Obviously, you get an electronic speed controller with this RC truck which is constructed heavily so that it can offer long-lasting service. The remote control got a splash-proof and IPX5 waterproof construction along with low voltage battery cut-off and over-current protection.

The truck can also withstand water splashes, but you cannot submerge it in water. But do you know what the best part is? If anyhow water reaches inside the truck, the power will be automatically cut off. Wipe clean the entire car, and you will roar again.

It comes equipped with two 7.4 volts 1800 mAh batteries which are rechargeable. And on a single charge, each battery will run for 20-minutes, meaning you will get 40-minutes of run time with both batteries.

This truck comes with a nylon constructed chassis and shock absorbers which enables it to go through all terrains smoothly. Non-skid tires make sure the truck remains on track. Whether it is concrete, sandy, or rocky road, this Bezgar HS101 can take any road.

In terms of appearance, the truck looks good. It has kind of hot-wheel vibes. The headlights get turned on automatically when the remote is switched on, which makes it a little bit realistic.


  • Speed: 40 Kph.
  • Motor: 580 brushed
  • Battery: 2 x4-volt Li-Po 1800 mAh
  • Charging Time: 2.5-hour.
  • Run time: 40-minutes.
  • Chassis: 4WD
  • Min Age Range: 8-year
  • Radiofrequency: 4 GHz.
  • Control range: 250 feet.
  • Waterproof ESC: Available

User Experience

As it comes with a powerful motor and good speed, playing with it is indeed fun. Both the throttle and steering are highly responsive. However, the control range of the controller is slightly less, it is 250 feet.

4 set of oil-filled ultra shock absorbers does an excellent job of dampening the shocks caused by road bumps. On a single charge, the battery will support for around 20-minutes, however, the charging time is 2.5-hour, which is a little irritating.

Apart from that, the construction is top-notch and comes with high-end components. Plus, it looks good too.

Pros to prefer
  • Heavy-duty construction with high-quality materials.
  • 580 brushed motor offers good power.
  • Highly responsive throttle and steering.
  • Long-lasting removable batteries.
  • Shock absorbers can deal with most kinds of road impacts.
  • The truck has over-current and low voltage battery cut-off protection.
Con to Consider
  • Body cover tends to come off.

Why Should You Buy It?

Who doesn’t like a highly responsive and powerful RC truck? This Bezgar HS101 is that. The motor offers 14000 rpm, and the peak speed is 40 kph. The 4WD drive system offers continuous power, and shock absorbers enable the truck to go over all terrains.

3. ARRMA RC Monster Truck: Best for Kids

Looking for a good RC truck for your kid? Check out the Arrma RC monster truck, it will be a perfect pick. ARRMA has been designing RC cars for a long time now, and they never fail to come up with models that are super eye-catchy. And here, this monster is no different.

ARRMA RC Monster Truck

This monster truck comes packed with a lot of features, let’s get through all of them one by one.

It features a 20T 540 brushed motor that delivers decent power. The motor is placed in the middle of the truck and is safe from all the rear-end impact and dirt. Composite gears that are molded widely allow the transmission to take heavy torque.

This truck’s differentials utilize straight-cut full metal gears and top-notch ball bearings, which enables the truck to go trouble-free and smooth. A double-wishbone bashing optimized front and back suspension make the truck very stable. Plus, a wide vehicle stance makes the truck super easy to handle.

Moreover, oil-filled coil-over shock absorbers work well at dampening shocks caused by road bumps. You will get the controller within a hard and durable nylon case so that it lasts long. Not only that, the power switch of the controller is waterproof, and the SRS unit comes with a black-anodized heat sink as well.

The peak speed this truck can offer is 20 MPH, but it will depend on the road condition. It is a 2wd truck which is less powerful than 4wd trucks. And it is powered by 6-cell 7.2 NiMH batteries. The truck has EC3 battery connectors that enable you to use 2S LiPo smart batteries without any adapters.


  • Speed: 20 mph.
  • Motor: 540 brushed
  • Battery: 4 x2 NiMH
  • Run time: 4-8 minutes.
  • Charging Time:3-hour.
  • Chassis: 2WD
  • Min Age Range: 4-year
  • Radiofrequency: 4 GHz.
  • Control range: 250 feet.
  • Waterproof ESC: Available

User Experience

It offers decent power and is very easy to use, exactly what your kid needs. This truck comes pre-assembled, ready to ride right out of the box. The control range is good enough for kids. However, the battery might be a cause of irritation, as on full charge, the battery doesn’t offer more than 4-8 minutes of service.

The truck is stable and comes with shock absorbers that absorb all the road bumps. Even though it comes with a 540 brushed motor, it is not suitable for adults. The throttle and steering response is slightly weak, and since it is a 2WD truck, the power won’t satisfy adults.

Though it is an all-terrain RC truck, do not try to take it through heavy mud, 2WD systems are powerful enough to tackle heavy mud.

Pros to Prefer
  • Features a brushed 540 motor that delivers high rpm.
  • The truck is stable and responsive enough for kids.
  • Offers a 20 mph peak speed depending on the road condition.
  • The truck and controller both are heavily constructed for durability.
  • Allows users to adjust the truck height.
  • Features ball bearings and non-skid tires for smooth performance.
  • The motor is located at the center of the truck, safe from rear impacts and dirt.
Cons to Consider
  • Longer battery life would have made it more enjoyable.
  • Not powerful enough to go through heavy thick muddy roads.

Why Should You Buy It?

This ARRMA monster RC truck is designed for kids, the power, speed, and stability it offers are perfect for any kid. On top of that, purchasing this unit would not be very heavy on the wallet as it comes at a reasonable price.

4. Ruko C11 Amphibious Large Monster Truck: Best Waterproof Rc Car

Sandy beach, rocky road, or muddy trail, this Ruko C11 Amphibious monster truck comes ready to ride through all terrains. One of the most impressive features of this very unit is that it is double waterproof. What’s that?

Ruko C11 Amphibious Large Monster Truck

The manufacturer has used double-layer waterproofing on this truck, and the battery compartment has a waterproof cover as well. So even when the truck has gone through water splashes, you will find the interior completely dry. That being said, you are not supposed to submerge it into water. `

The picture doesn’t do justice, this truck is big, it’s a 1:10 scale truck. The dimension is 19.3 x 10.6 x 8.7-inch. Wear-resistant high-grip tires allow this truck to do excellent off-roading. These tires are heavily constructed and are slip-resistant, which adds stability and allows you to control them better.

It is a dual-motor 4WD RC truck, anyone who has a little bit of idea about RC trucks would know how powerful this beast is. As mentioned before, it comes with high grip tires, the combination of the tire, dual motor, and 4wd system enables this truck to climb 45-degree angles.

Metal springs on every wheel absorb shocks pretty effectively, making the truck run stably.

With the truck, you get a 2.4 GHz controller, which has a range of 100 feet. The controller works pretty nicely, the throttle and the steering respond very quickly. It is very lightweight and easy to control as well.

This truck is powered by two 9.6 volts of 600 mAh rechargeable batteries which offer a run time of 40-minutes. However, you will require two 1.5v AA batteries as well for the controller which is not included in the package.


  • Speed: Not Specified
  • Motor: Not specified
  • Battery: 2 x6 v 600 mAh
  • Charging Time:5-hours.
  • Run time: 40 minutes.
  • Chassis: 4WD
  • Min Age Range: 8-year
  • Radiofrequency: 4 GHz.
  • Control range: 100 feet.
  • Waterproof ESC: Available

User Experience

It is a suitable RC truck for both adults and kids. Dual motor, then 4WD system, no doubt it’s a powerful unit. The controller works as expected and has a range of 100 feet. However, one issue with the controller range is that there will be a delay in the frequency if there is any obstacle between the truck and controller, a wall, for example.

Apart from that, everything is top-notch in this truck. Batteries are removable and give 40minutes of support. If you carry a spare pair of batteries, you can have 80-minutes of fun with this bad boy.

It easily goes through muddy, rocky, and sandy terrains, thanks to the high grip of large tires.

Pros to Prefer
  • A dual motor and 4wd system make it extremely powerful.
  • Good power and high grip large wheels allow the truck to go through all terrains.
  • Dual waterproof layers allow it to withstand splashes effortlessly.
  • It can climb 45-degree angles, thanks to the dual motor and 4WD.
  • Batteries are long-lasting and offer 40-minutes of playtime on a single charge.
  • Throttle and steering responses are pretty quick.
  • Shock absorbing springs make the truck ride smoothly and stably on every terrain.
Con to consider
  • Any obstacle between the controller and the truck causes a delay.

Why Should You Buy It?

This Ruko C11 monster truck features a dual motor and 4WD system, which makes it a powerhouse. And quick throttle and steering response make it incredibly fun to play with this beast. So if you need power and responsiveness, you better hold onto it.

5. Tecesy High Speed RC Car: Best Versatile RC car

Anyone looking for a speedy RC truck, check out this Tecesy high-speed RC car, coming with a whooping 46+ kph. It features an RC390 powerful brushed motor which delivers great power, and since it is a 4×4 truck, the deadly combination of these two is what makes this truck go fast.

Tecesy High Speed RC Car

Powered by 2 Li-ion 7.4 V 1500 mAh rechargeable batteries, on a single charge, the batteries offer around 30 minutes of run time. And the charging time is around 3-hour. That being said, if the truck is at high speed, then it will consume more charge, so in that case, the run time will be reduced.

Metal shock absorbers take all the road bumps effortlessly. The overall suspension system is good enough to make the truck go through bumpy, rocky roads stably. This truck got IPX4 level waterproof construction that protects it from water splashes.

The controller comes in pistol shape, and the best part of this controller is that it has two modes. One for adults and another for kids. In adult mode, the truck can hit the high speed, and in kid mode, the speed remains low. And the controller has a range of 250 feet, that’s an impressive range.

It is a high-quality ABS plastic constructed truck that promises to last for years. Lastly, TRP rubber tires enable this truck to ride over most terrains, whether it is muddy or sandy. The tires are slip-resistant and highly durable.


  • Speed: 46+ kph.
  • Motor: RC390 brushed motor.
  • Battery: 2 xLi-ion 7.4 V 1500 mAh
  • Charging Time: 3-hour.
  • Run time: 30 minutes.
  • Chassis: 4WD
  • Min Age Range: 8-year
  • Radiofrequency: 4 GHz.
  • Control range: 250-feet.
  • Waterproof ESC: Available

User Experience

With a 250-feet remote controller range and 46+ kph peak speed, no one can have a bad time with this very RC car. Two modes actually make it a versatile unit. It is always risky to hand over a speedy RC car’s controller in the kid’s hand, heavy crashes will break the truck down.

Thanks to the manufacturer, they put in real effort and came up with a solution. There are two modes, one for adults and another for kids. In kid mode, the speed is very low, and in adult mode, the truck can hit the peak speed.

Besides that, throttle and steering response is cool. No delay on the controller frequency when in open space. The battery lasts around 30-minutes on a single, which isn’t bad at all.

Pros to Prefer
  • IPX4 waterproof construction makes the truck withstand water splashes.
  • The powerful brushed motor offers 46+ kph speed.
  • 4WD and slip-resistant tires make it go stably on all terrains.
  • The controller has a range of 250-feet.
  • Comes with two modes, for kids and adults.
  • Heavily constructed with ABS plastic for optimum durability.
  • The battery offers 30-minutes of run time on a single charger.
  • Shock absorbers work well at absorbing all the road bumps.
Con to Consider
  • Doesn’t come with an on/off switch.

Why Should You Buy It?

This Tecesy high-speed RC car comes with all the major features you would expect from an ideal RC car. Whether it is a good speed, long battery life, wide controller range, responsive throttle, steering, or slip-resistant tires, it packs all of them.

6. DEERC Brushless RC Car: Best for Power

The Deerc brushless RC car is one of the most powerful Rc cars you will find on the market right now. Features a 2440 waterproof brushless motor. In case you don’t have any idea about brushless motors, let me tell you, not only are they highly powerful, but they are extremely long-lasting as well. They operate very quietly and don’t require much maintenance.

DEERC Brushless RC Car

With this unit, you get a 25A brushless remote controller as well, offering a controlling range of 100 meters or 328 feet. It’s a 2.4 GHz controller giving full control of the RC truck without any delay. Having said that, any obstacle between the car and controller will cause a delay.

It comes with a peak speed of 60 kph, definitely one of the fastest RC trucks as well. That being said, the controller has an option that allows you to tune the power output, you can choose between mild to furious. You will have 8 timing and acceleration options on the controller.

Moreover, it is a 4WD truck coming with oil-filled suspensions on each wheel which makes this truck go through rocky, bumpy roads smoothly. Comes with a nylon constructed chassis which is not only durable but is wear-resistant. Doesn’t matter what kind of terrain the truck is going over, the chassis will always deliver great support.

Metal sealed ball bearings, and slip-resistant tires ensure the truck moves smoothly on every terrain.


  • Speed: 60 kph.
  • Motor: 2440 waterproof brushless
  • Battery: 4 V 1200 mAh
  • Charging Time: 2-hour.
  • Run time: 40 minutes.
  • Chassis: 4WD
  • Min Age Range: 8-year
  • Radiofrequency: 4 GHz.
  • Control range: 328-feet.
  • Waterproof ESC: Available

User Experience

This Rc truck is ready to rip right out of the box and comes pre-assembled. The controller comes with a bunch of switches, enabling you to adjust the speed and timing. Anyone new might have a little tough time configuring the controller, but the user manual should be enough to understand everything.

The throttle response you will find in this truck will make you very excited. Not only that, the steering is pretty responsive as well. And as you get a good controller range, that makes playing with this super fun.

On a single charge, you will get around 40-minutes of support from the battery. That being said, if you’re pushing the truck at high speed continuously, then the run will reduce. The battery requires around 2-hour to charge.

Pros to Prefer
  • Extremely long-lasting and powerful motor.
  • The truck offers 60 kph speed.
  • Rough and tough high grip tires help the truck all the way.
  • Oil-filled shock absorbers absorb all the road bumps effortlessly.
  • A heavily constructed wear-resistant chassis makes the car reliable.
  • The controller has a range of 328 feet.
  • The controller also has various speed and timing adjustment options.
  • Batteries last long and offer 40-minutes of run time on a single charge.
  • The truck has a heavy-duty plastic constructed outer shell.
Con to Consider
  • The battery drains faster when the truck is at peak speed.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want to take control of a mini beast, try this one! 60 kilometer per hour peak speed isn’t a joke. Plus, the oil-filled suspension absorbs all the road impacts. A Brushless motor offers reliability along with durability. The controller gives you options to adjust the power output, what else do you need?

7. Holyton Remote Control Car: Best RC Car for Drag Race

Not all RC cars are good for competition, but there are a few which are designed especially for that, and this Holyton Rc car with the LED shell is that. It’s a 1:10 scale car and comes with tires that enable this car to go over all terrains. It is powered by a 540 brushed powerful motor that can deliver up to 48 kph speed.

Holyton Remote Control Car

The car comes with a 4WD system, the combination of these two, 4WD and a powerful motor, delivers continuous power to the car. The motor can perform at a very high rpm. Moreover, all thanks to the fully covered metal heat sink that dissipates heat from the motor properly, which as a result increases the motor lifespan.

4WD metal shock absorbers do their job excellently. This car has independent shock absorbers on all 4 wheels that absorb road bumps, drops, and crashes. The suspensions are another reason why this car can ride over rocky terrains nicely.

Like others, the controller comes with a 2.4 GHz frequency which works quickly, with no delay unless it is caught up between either frequency and obstacles like walls. The controller has a range of 330 ft which should be enough for any adult. The throttle and steering response to the controller pretty fast.

The car is constructed with high-quality PVC material so that it can withstand crashes. Plus, the reinforced body frame gives the car a heavy grip that will be an advantage on the race track.

And this car is fueled by 2 1800mAh powerful rechargeable batteries. Both these batteries combined offer a playtime of 40-minutes. However, that depends on the speed as well. The batteries take around 3-hour to charge.


  • Speed: 48 kph.
  • Motor: 540 Waterproof brushed.
  • Battery: 4 V 1800 mAh
  • Charging Time: 3-hour.
  • Run time: 40 minutes.
  • Chassis: 4WD
  • Min Age Range: 8-year
  • Radiofrequency: 4 GHz.
  • Control range: 330-feet.
  • Waterproof ESC: Available

User Experience

It is fun to play with this Holyton Rc car, it comes with LED shell lights which adds a little realistic feel to the car. The controller works fast, there will be no delay if you are using it in an open area where there aren’t any other frequencies or obstacles like walls. The controller range is pretty big as well, just what adults need to satisfy themselves.

Oil-filled shock absorbers do a pretty cool job. And it feels kind of good when the car is seen bouncing on bumpy or rocky roads. The car takes good turns, and the throttle response is good enough.

Pros to Prefer
  • 540 brushed motor can perform at a high rpm.
  • Car can hit up to 48 kph speed.
  • A metal heat sink dissipates heat from the motor.
  • The controller works without any delay.
  • Throttle and steering responses fast to the controller.
  • The controller has a range of 330 ft long.
  • High-grip wear-resistant tires make it good for all terrains.
  • 4WD system and the powerful motor delivers all the needed power.
  • Features LED shell lights that make it look realistic.
Cons to Consider
  • Can’t take sharp turns.
  • Hard fine replacement parts.

Why Should You Buy It?

Considering the price, this Holyton Rc car is a worthy RC car to buy. With good speed, powerful motor, 4WD system, high grip tires, and responsive remote control, you get everything that is needed to have an enjoyable time with Rc cars.

8. Soyee 1:10 Scale Remote Control Car: Best for Off-Roading

The Soyee 1:10 scale RC car comes with giant wheels, which makes it a perfect contender for extreme off-roading. Tires are not the only component of this RC car that make it suitable for off-roading, it comes with dual-motor and bouncy spring suspensions as well.

10 Scale Remote Control Car

Two-durable 390 brushed motor delivers all the power this truck needs to go through all kinds of terrains. Both motors combined deliver around 2.2 kg torque which is enough for an RC truck to ride over rocky, bumpy, sandy, or muddy roads.

This truck has a max speed of 45 kph, this speed makes it qualified for racing as well. It comes in two speed modes, high and low. If the controller is on a kid’s hand, it is best to set the car to low mode so that the car will go slow, which will allow kids to control it better.

As said before, this truck features independent bouncy suspensions and shock absorbers which not only help the truck to run smoothly but also absorb a lot of roads and drop impacts.

All thanks to the manufacturer, it is a splash-resistant truck, and the controller is also 60A splash-resistant. With a 2.4 GHz radiofrequency, the controller works properly, there will be no delay. Plus, the truck’s throttle and steering respond quickly to the controller.

Powered by two 1600 mAh li-ion batteries, offers 30-minutes of run time on a single charge. And requires around 1.30 – 2 hours to get fully charged. The package includes a USB charger.


  • Speed: 45 kph.
  • Motor: 390 brushed dual motors.
  • Battery: 1600 mAh Li-ion.
  • Charging Time: 3-hour.
  • Run time: 30 minutes.
  • Chassis: 4WD
  • Min Age Range: 8-year
  • Radiofrequency: 4 GHz.
  • Control range: 150-feet.
  • Waterproof ESC: Available

User Experience

This Soyee 1:10 scale RC car rides like a boss on bumpy, rocky, and muddy terrains. A Dual brushed motor and 4WD make it go over small rocks and thick muds effortlessly. And then there are spring suspensions on all 4 wheels, and it looks fun when the car bounces on rocky or bumpy terrains.

That being said, the controller range is kind of a deal-breaker. It comes with a range of 150-feet. An RC car of such a high caliber should have come with more range. However, the speed and throttle response you will get is amazing, thanks to the 2.4 GHz controller.

Pros to Prefer
  • Metal sealed ball bearings make sure the truck moves freely.
  • 390 dual motor delivers 2.2 kg torque.
  • 4WD system and large tires enable the truck to go through all terrains.
  • Truck can hit a max speed of 45 kph.
  • The controller has two speed settings, low and high.
  • 60A splash-resistant remote controller and truck construction.
  • Li-ion 1600 mAh battery offers 30-minutes of run time.
Con to Consider
  • A little more controller range would have been better.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are someone who loves driving their RC cars on rocky and muddy terrains, this Soyee 1:10 scale RC car is for you. The tires are big and slip-resistant, plus the dual-motor provides enough torque, which makes the truck go over all terrains effortlessly.

9. GoolRC WLtoys 124019 RC Car: Best for Durability

And here comes a different one! Take a look at this GoolRc Wltoys 124019 buggy style RC car built with heavy-duty materials for optimum durability. The manufacturer has used high-strength aluminum alloy in the base construction, which makes it incredibly strong. The base can withstand all the road abuse. Plus, it has an aluminum shock tower which adds stability to the car. It also features wear-resistant zinc alloy gear.

GoolRC WLtoys 124019 RC Car

With 550 brushed magnetic motors and a 4-wheel drive system, the car hit speeds up to 60 kph. The motor delivers a good amount of torque as well, which enables this buggy to go over rocky, bumpy, and muddy terrains easily. On top of that, this buggy comes with hardware hydraulic shock absorbers that can eat all the road bumps and makes the buggy run smoothly.

That being said, the tires of this buggy aren’t big enough to crawl over decent-sized rocks and thick mud.

Moving on!

With the package, you get a 2.4 GHz remote controller that has an anti-jamming capability. And the controller offers a range of 100 meters. The buggy is powered by a 7.4 V 2200 mAh battery. On a single charge, the battery offers 9-min of run time. The battery would need 4 AA batteries which are not included.


  • Speed: 60 kph.
  • Motor: 550 brushed magnetic.
  • Battery: 4 V 2200 mAh.
  • Charging Time: 3-hour.
  • Run time: 9 minutes.
  • Chassis: 4WD
  • Min Age Range: 8-year
  • Radiofrequency: 4 GHz.
  • Control range: 100-meter.
  • Waterproof ESC: Available

User Experience

The car or buggy, whatever you like calling it, surely comes with good power, but due to the small tires, it can’t crawl over slightly big rocks and thick mud. On top of that, the battery backup could have been improved. Besides that, you will find this unit top-notch in every aspect.

What we liked the most was the durability of this car. The base of the car is always exposed to road impacts. And this car comes with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy base that can take all the beating.

Pros to Prefer
  • 550 brushed magnetic motors provide the car with the needed amount of torque.
  • The maximum speed this car can offer is 60 kph.
  • Features heavy-duty aluminum alloy base for optimum durability.
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers absorb all the road bumps effortlessly.
  • Anti-jamming radio controller works without any delay.
  • The controller has a range of a 100-meter which isn’t bad at all.
Con to consider
  • Low battery backup, on a single charge, the run time is only 9 minutes.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a long-lasting RC car that can run fast, then GoolRc Wltoys 124019 would be a good catch for you. Delivers a peak speed of 60 kph and responds fast to the controller, just how an ideal RC car should be.

How to Choose the Best Rc Cars Under $150?

Just make sure you check a set of factors on RC Cars before buying, and getting your hands on the best one will become a piece of cake. Check out the factors you need to consider when buying an RC car.

How to Choose the Best Rc Cars Under $150_

Types of RC Cars

If you are new to remote control cars, you might not know there are some different types. Some are designed for racing on paved surfaces, while others are made for off-road driving.

Here are some of the most common types of RC cars:

  • Electric powered: These are very simple cars, usually seen everywhere. They are pretty cheap as well compared to other types. As the name suggests, these are electric-powered and suitable for kids. Electric cars are the slowest of all RC car types, however, there might be few models offering higher speed, but on average electric Rc cars offer around 15 mph peak speed.
  • Gas-powered: Compared to the electric ones, gas-powered RC cars are a little expensive. And the reason is, they can go at a higher speed. On average gas-powered RC cars can go around 30-50 mph per hour. That being said, gas-powered models can even go up to 100 mph. And they are for racing.
  • Nitro-powered: These Rc cars are the most powerful RC car types and can hit up to 200 mph speed. Nitro RC cars are for professionals who participate in nig racing competitions. These are not at all a suitable option for beginners.


Determine your purpose first, what would you be doing with the RC car? Is it for having fun? Or competing in a race? If you need an RC car for fun, then you can go with an electric RC car that offers good power. On the other hand, for racing, you will need something that is speedy, like gas-powered or nitro RC cars.


If you are looking for high-end RC cars, then you will have to pay a premium which is very obvious. Electric powered RC cars are usually cheap, you can expect to get a good electric RC car within 30-200 bucks.

For gas-powered models, you will have to budget anywhere between 300 – 800 bucks. And nitro-powered RC cars are the most expensive ones, their starting price is around 500 bucks and can go as high as 2000 bucks.


This is the most overlooked component when people shop for RC cars. How much fun you will have with the RC car largely depends on the remote control system. You would want to pick a controller that comes with good frequency. 2.4 GHz frequency is pretty common and good enough if you are picking the car for time pass.

Then the most important thing you will have to check is the controller range. You don’t want a controller that won’t work once the car crosses 30 or 50-meter. The longer the range, the more fun it would be. So look for controllers with a longer range.

Construction Material

An RC car constructed with low-quality material won’t last even a week. So if you don’t want your hard-earned money to be a complete waste, make sure to invest in cars that are constructed with heavy-duty materials. Such cars might be a little expensive, but in the long run, you will be the one on the winning side.

Look for cars that have an aluminum or metal constructed base. And try to pick a model that has a metal or aluminum top shell. However, it is hard to find a car with an aluminum or metal top shell. In that case, make sure to pick a car that has High-quality PVC top shells that are strong enough to tackle crashes.


Low-speed RC cars are good for kids, but adults won’t enjoy a slow RC car. You will find RC cars coming in different speed ranges, some coming with a top speed of 100 mph and some with 20mph. It depends on the purpose. If you will be racing with the car, then it’s a no-brainer that you should choose a faster car. And for time-passing, a decent speed should be fine.

Car, Buggy, or Truck?

Rc cars come in three varieties, buggy, car, and truck. Each of them comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s get through them one by one.

Cars are usually small and come with small wheels. Buggies are a little bigger than cars. And trucks are the biggest, they come with big tires as well.

Normally trucks can go over all terrains due to their large tires. Cars and buggies can’t do that, but they are faster than trucks and easy to maneuver.

Drive System

Like actual vehicles, RC cars also come in 2 drive systems, 2WD and 4WD.

2WD means 2 wheel drive. In this, the engine only powers the two wheels, and the other two wheels spin. And in 4WD, the engine powers all four wheels, which is why the 4WD system is more powerful than 2WD.


It is a hassle to assemble an RC car, especially if you are new to this. However, most of the RC cars come pre-assembled, you just need to insert the batteries into the remote. Look for such Rc cars, they are ready to roll right out of the box.

Which are the Best RC Car Brands?

There are a few dozens of Rc car brands producing RC cars for a long time. However, we have put together a list of the 3 most popular Rc car brands that have been serving the market with worthy products for a very long time.

ARRMA: It is well-known for its durability and size. Arrma Rc cars are constructed heavily so that they offer optimum durability. And mostly they produce RC cars in big sizes. They have both expensive and inexpensive Rc car options on their lineup.

That being said, have a look at this ARRMA RC Monster Truck. A suitable unit for kids that offers decent speed and control range, good enough for spending time full of excitement.

HB Racing: Well, this brand is not for those who just play with RC cars as a hobby. HB racing manufactures Rc cars for competitions. In other words, they produce racing RC cars that are way too durable and powerful. Hence expensive as well.

Talking about price, check out this HB Racing E8T Evo3 1/8th Competition Electric Truggy. It will cost you several hundred bucks and the reason why these are expensive is, they are built to win the competition. They got the power, stability, and strength needed to beat the opponent.

HPI: This brand does a pretty good job designing their Rc cars, they look amazing. HPI adds a realistic feel to their Rc cars, which actually look good. That being said, the look isn’t the only thing they offer, their Rc cars promise to last long as well.

For example, take this HPI Racing 107014 Trophy 4.6 Buggy, along with an aggressive look, this one is constructed with aluminum as well so that it can take all the road abuse and last long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now let’s have a look at some very common questions we came across regarding Rc cars, check out, one of these might be your question as well.

Are RC cars Still Popular?

Remote control cars have been around for a very long time now, and they are indeed a good way to have some fun. Once playing with Rc cars used to be a hobby, but now this game has climbed way up. Playing with RC cars has become a profession now. RC car racing is very popular, and big tournaments take place in different parts of the world with fat prize pools.

Can You Increase Rc Car’s Speed?

Some Rc cars come with a speed adjuster where you can increase or decrease the speed of the RC car. So yeah, in some RC cars, it is possible to increase the speed. That being said, not every Rc car comes with this option.

Can RC Car’s Battery Explode?

Though it is rare for Rc car batteries to explode, it is possible. If any battery is mistreated or abused, then it can explode. But fortunately, most RC cars batteries are designed for safety and don’t explode under normal circumstances.

Do Rc Cars Have Brakes?

Every high-end RC car comes with an effective braking system. However, the braking system differs from car to car. Some come with disc brakes, whereas some come with traditional rubber pad brakes. And some cheap Rc cars don’t even come with brakes. In such cases, people use the reverse system as the brake.

How Long Do RC Cars Last?

It depends on a lot of factors. When an RC car is constructed with heavy-duty materials, then it will last longer. And if anyone keeps dropping the car intentionally, even if the car is constructed with heavy-duty materials, it won’t last long. If maintained well, then on average, an RC car lasts for several years.


Choosing the best RC cars under $150 won’t be daunting anymore if you make sure to check the factors mentioned above. Plus, a list of in-depth reviews is also there to help you pick a suitable one.

However, for those who are still in confusion and want a suggestion, for those, we would say go for the DEERC Brushless RC Car. 40 minutes of run time on a single charge, 60 kph peak speed, 328-feet controlling range, top-notch durable brushless motor, and durability, this RC car comes with everything that anyone would expect from a high-end model.

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